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Corporate & Social Responsibility

We value our responsibilities as global corporate citizens. We take regular account of social, environmental and ethical matters seeking to embed good practice into our business strategies and operations. We benchmark externally with initiatives like FTSE4Good and the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices to measure achievements, identify shortcomings and take appropriate corrective action. We also comply with all requirements identified in the internationally recognised Social Accountability 8000 standard.

Our corporate values include 'Behaving with integrity', 'Valuing and trusting our people' and 'Respecting our communities'. These are enshrined in a 'Code of Business Conduct' to guide all staff and to ensure that they act with integrity and impartiality.

We deliver services to a number of countries with different languages, ethnic and religious bases. We reflect this diversity in our values and in the international quality of our services.

We provide staff training at all levels to motivate our employees, and offer opportunities for career development. We are committed to a policy of non-discrimination and we champion diversity throughout our team. We are members of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, which aims to uphold the highest level of professionalism in directorship and to empower company directors and boards to attain excellence in performing their duties and responsibilities. The CGL Board has responsibility for our Human Rights policy and wherever we operate we comply with local labour laws.

We make no political party donations, but engage with the government of the day on the issues of importance to our business. We always consult stakeholders about community affairs and environmental programmes because our business can touch local communities the world over and successful interaction with the community is vital to success. We respect the cultures of our guests and the rights of our employees. We promote the exchange of ideas between employees and management, encouraging constructive dialogue through a range of communication systems.

Last year, we contributed to the Australian Red Cross, Australian Cancer Council and The Shepherd Centre charities as part of a long-term commitment to return a percentage of profits back to the communities in which we operate. In response to the 26 December 2004 tsunami in Asia, we are also funding children in Indonesia through Child Fund.